FRCS Ophthal Part 3: Exam Preparation Tips That Will Get You Across the Line

Sat 06, 2024
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FRCS Ophthal Part 3: Exam Preparation Tips That Will Get You Across the Line

Gear Up for FRCS Ophthal Part 3

The FRCS Ophthal is different from parts one and two. In place of a written exam, FRCS Ophthal Part 3 comprises of two practical examinations. Furthermore, it consists of a structured oral examination and a clinical examination. Both are to be attended on the same day.

Structured Oral Examination

The structured oral examination involves two examiners asking a set of questions to the candidate. It is divided into three sections. Each is 20 minutes in duration. Each section covers the following:

– Lids, Oculoplastic, and Anterior Segment

– Posterior Segment and Glaucoma

– Neurology, Motility, and General Medicine

For each of the three sections, you will be met with two examiners. One examiner will ask questions for ten minutes. In addition, the other examiner will ask different questions for the remaining ten minutes. Some questions may contain images. Regarding marking of the structured oral exam, you will be given a mark from six of the examiners.

Clinical Examination

The clinical examination is divided into four sections. Each one is 12 minutes in duration. The four sections cover:

– Anterior Segment Disorders

– Posterior Segment Disorders

– Neuro-ophthalmic and Ocular Motility Disorders

– Oculoplastic and Lid Disorders

During the clinical exam, you will rotate between four rooms, where you will complete each 12-minute section. The exam involves a clinical scenario. Moreover, the candidate will be asked to examine two to three patients per room. Besides, findings are discussed with both the patient and the examiner during this time. Lastly, you will meet with eight examiners in total, all of which will give you a mark.

Preparation For FRCS (Ophthal) Exams

It is important to prepare for the FRCS (Ophthal) exams. Even when preparing for FRCS (Ophthal) part two and having years of Ophthalmology experience, you need to focus your studies on the syllabus. This further helps you to cover all subjects. Read on to find some handy tips for your FRCS exam preparation.

Come Up with A Study Plan

These exams are challenging and you will need plenty of time to prepare for them. Designing a study plan is the best way to make sure that you cover the entire syllabus within the stipulated time. At least two months of preparation is further recommended.

Attempt Mock Exams

Mock exams of FRCS Ophthal parts 1, 2, and 3 are beneficial. This will further help you to get used to the exam format and learn the best way to answer. Ask a colleague or mentor to practice with you and ask them for feedback for the practical exam (part 3).

Answering example FRCS Ophthal questions can really help you familiarize yourself with the exam format. Lastly, answer these questions whenever you can throughout the day.

Time Yourself

Practicing FRCS exams and past questions are good. Besides, doing them under the same time pressure you will be under on the day of exam will be even better. In addition, these exams are time-bound and you won’t do well if you spend too long on one section. To prepare for exam, practice questions and mock exams while timing yourself.

Follow All Instructions

Whether reading a question on the exam day or the guidelines of an examination, always following the instructions diligently. They are relevant and is the minimum that is expected of you.

Look After Yourself

Lastly, you should not compromise your health no matter how much work you put into your preparation for FRCS Ophthal. Besides, it is very easy to challenge yourself too far and become overwhelmed to the point where your health is impacted. By staying healthy and giving yourself enough breaks, you have a better chance of clearing the exams. Space out your studies further and make time for yourself which can make all the difference.

Hope you found this information helpful. Enroll in an FRCS online course today. All the very best for your exam.

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