FRCS Section 1 Exam: Valuable Tips to Get Your Exam Preparation on Track

Sat 06, 2024
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FRCS Section 1 Exam: Valuable Tips to Get Your Exam Preparation on Track

Understanding FRCS Section 1 Exam

The FRCS Section 1 in general surgery is the written component of the exam. Furthermore, it is attempted by senior surgical trainees. The examination comprises two papers of 2 hours and 15 minutes duration. Each paper will be composed of 120 questions in total. In addition, these questions will follow the single best answer format. Lastly, they will not be presented in further extended matching format.

Candidates can make use of four attempts to clear this exam. Besides, the exam is carried out digitally with the help of a specific online platform. You can further find all the information regarding this process on the official website of the Joint Committee on Intercollegiate examinations.

You will come across questions dealing with any subject of the general surgical syllabus. The topics covered are quite extensive. The required level of knowledge is that of a newly appointed consultant surgeon. Read on to find some helpful and effective tips for your FRCS exam preparation.

Exam Preparation

Start preparing for the FRCS Section 1 exam at least three months in advance. Sticking to a rigid study may be difficult if you decide to revise everything in depth.  There are many popular texts available to help you prepare for the exam. Choose a standard text for the greater detail your subspecialty demands. Make sure that you revise your basic sciences.

Practice FRCS exam techniques by subscribing to websites that give access to hundreds of MCQs and EMQs. This exercise will help you consolidate your knowledge. Moreover, you will develop the mental stamina that is needed to attempt 120 MCQs and 133 EMQs all on the same day.

Try to attempt at least one mock exam every day when the exams are around the corner. The results of the exam are emailed to the candidates within a month.

The FRCS Section 1 Exam in General Surgery is a fair examination. With focused energy and good planning, success is within grasp.

Hope you found this information helpful. We wish you the best for your FRCS Section 1 exam.

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